Nelson Topspin: Reviewed

Topspin Bottom I purchased the Nelson Topspin to replace my Comet Loki for freeride and light downhill.  The board is 40” long and 10” wide, with a 9/16” progressive w concave, and a mellow sloped 1/2” drop in the deck.  The mellow drop allows the concave to continue all the way into the drop, rather than flattening out.  

Im running 10” caliber hangars on 44 degree plates with 83a Otang stimulus wheels.  I have my trucks mounted on the inner wheelbase, which is 31”.  These trucks are low, and with 86a SHR barrels and cupped washers all around, I am completely bite free with wheels up to 72mm.  The cutouts are really well designed.  On the outer (32”) WB I could definitely get away with 75mm+ wheels with the same setup 

When I chose this board, I was really hoping that the concave woud be to my liking, and fortunately it was. A little over a half inch high, the tub concave has a wide flat spot (actually slight w) in the middle of the board, which makes it incredibly comfortable for pushing and longer commutes.  Normally I am not a fan of w concave, but on this board it feels perfect.  Its a real mellow w, almost unnoticable without a straightedge against the deck, and just the slightest bit detectable when in a sliding stance (feet perpendicular to the board in the pockets).  I like to hang heel when sliding frontside, and the w does not get in the way at all when positioning my feet.  The moment I broke traction toeside on this board I fell in love.  All of a sudden the w is super evident, like there is a little shelf you can lock the toe of your shoe against the instant you need to.  

The Topspin is the topmounted version of this board, there is also a dropthrough model called the Spindrift.  On the inner WB on the topspin, there is about 2 inches of usable tail on either end.  Very nice for shuvits and no-comply tricks; I’ve been working on tiger claws and the tail is totally sufficient.  



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Teaser shots of the upcoming edit, “Last Resort”.  Lots of sliding, and also some of our attempts at oldschool and progressive riding.  Soon Come!

Abel Heelside 180, NMH

Aspen tucks and coleman slides a barrier at the NMH campus.  

I want to go to there…

I want to go to there…

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This is the first nice-ish edit I ever did.  Be on the lookout for our next video, slated to be done by september 20th.  Subscribe, comment, thumbs up the channel!


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